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About Us

In the late 80's Jim Karnopp started working as an independent consultant supporting small business and individuals. He provided computer support and desktop publishing services while going to school and working full time jobs. In 1992 he he started Kartech Computer Systems. Jim built PC clones that he sold locally and at computer shows. He also provided repair services and peripherals.

As Kartech Computer Systems continued growing and gaining larger clients, it got increasingly difficult to finance sales that would often take months to pay. Jim ended up taking his customer list, and took a job with Peer Data Systems as the operations manager. At Peer Data Systems, Jim handled technical sales, job scheduling, and purchasing as well as providing on site support for larger clients. One of these clients was Detroit Diesel Corporation.

Jim started supporting Detroit Diesel part time in 1994. By the end of the year, Jim was providing consulting services for DDC full time. Unfortunately Peer Data Systems had lost several of their large accounts, and the company started spiraling toward bankruptcy. When Peer Data went under, Jim restarted his business as Kartech Corporation and took over his consulting contract

From 1995 - 2005 Kartech Corporation provided consulting services, software development, networking service, and hosting solutions to a wide variety of clients. The automotive sector was still the primary customer base, but Kartech branched out into education, health care, and real estate verticals as well.

In 2005 Detroit Diesel ownership had changed and the IT management decided to cancel their contract with Kartech. Shortly after that several other projects ended with nothing new in the pipeline. Jim had purchased a restaurant with his mother, and she had quit the business after only a few months, so Jim was trying to keep the restaurant afloat and didn't have the time to pursue new clients for Kartech. Kartech ended up closing by the end of 2005. In 2006 Detroit Diesel called Jim back to help with several server and application issues, but he was brought in through another consulting house.

After a number of years of independent consulting, Jim started Kartech back up again as Kartech LLC. He partnered with his son and they combined the IT business with his sons landscaping business, Forrest For Hire. It is an unusual combination of business, but it works. Forrest provides assistance in the day to day operation of the business as well as providing vision for the app development and IOT segments of Kartech.

Today Kartech provides consulting, software development, app development, and IOT development services. With our diverse experience, we are always looking for new markets and opportunities to expand into.